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Projects:Add services To Non Active Ticket/User Guide


Configure deferred sell in ERP

Select menu option: Application / Master Data Management / Product and search a product to configure.

AddserviceToNonactiveTicket 3.png

Go to section Service Product and check Allow Deferred Sell, and optionally set Deferred Sell Max Days.

Deferred Sell Max Days field defines in the case of services that does allow deferred sell the maximum days after the original product was sold, this service can be linked with it. If NULL, there are no date restrictions about when this service can be linked to a product. And for example 0 means the service can be linked only in the same day. 1 only one day after, ...

Select a non-active ticket

Select menu option Receipts and search and open a non-active ticket

Select a line to add a service

Select a product line to add a service and press button services in ticket line or in EDIT window (marked with a red circle in the figure below).

AddserviceToNonactiveTicket 1.png

Search services avaliable for selected product line and select it. Only services configured for diferred sell can be added to product.

AddserviceToNonactiveTicket 2.png

Add a service to open receipt or create new one

After select a deferred sell service a dialog open for select a open receipt or create new one.

AddserviceToNonactiveTicket 4.png

Dialog show a message to explain it not posible add a product to not editable receipt and show a list of open receipt and give the option of create a new one.

Select create a new receipt or select a open receipt and press button Apply.

When Open then target receipt after apply is checked the receipt is open in Web POS.

If it allows deferred sales but it is overdue (there are more days since the product sell than the Deferred Sell Max Days), then a warning appears but there is an authorization key that allows a manager to link a service to a product even if the Deferred Sell Max Days has been surpassed.

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