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Projects:AdvPaymentMngt/Test Scripts


The module Advanced Payables and Receivables Management delivers a simplified payment workflow which,

Users of the payment workflows supported in Openbravo ERP 2.X will be able to continue to use their existing processes without any reconfiguration.

In this module there are few configuration steps for the new Payment flow. The configuration steps has been included under the General Setup section. Those who want to look that how the accounts are mapped then General Setup section would provide better understanding.

In Receivables Flow section you will find how the new payment flow is generated for the Sales Invoice. This section also have the steps to generate the new payment under this module.

In Payables Flow section you will also find how the new payment flow is getting generated for the Purchase Invoice. Also provided the steps to process the new payment flow.

Once again we listed below for the quick access of generic advance payable and receivables flows.

Please click here to test the flow in our Online Appliance and the credentials to log in, is user name = demouser and  password = demouser.

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