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Projects:Agile Production


Project delivered on Openbravo 3 MP7. The objective of this project is to ease the user experience of the Manufacturing module automating and simplifying some key processes.

Agile Production improvements

As part of this project several improvements are included:

Some new fields have been included in manufacturing standar windows that extend the production functionality and make more dynamic the processes related to it.

Estimated time, in process plan version tab and in work requirement window
Is the sum of estimated time of each operation.
Estimated time in operation tab from process plan and work requirement
It allows to define the theorical time an operation takes.
Run time, in work requirement header and operation tab
It makes possible to compare this time with the real one inserted in the process run information.
Create standars per sequence
Allows the user to deffine if it is requered to launch in an automatic way the process "Create standards" when a work effort is generated.
Unique attribute consumption
Ability to force the generate standard process to consume a unique attribute on P- products.
Inherit attributes
Ability to inherit the attributes of P- products on P+.
Split products
Ability to split produced products based on defined batch size.
Intermediate product creation
Process to create intermediate products while configuring Production Plans.

This new functionality also includes a new window and a process to launch directly work efforts from work requirements.

Production Run window
New window to edit and process Production Runs of different Work Efforts.
Create Work Effort process
New button to automatically generate a Work Effort from a Work Requirement.
Automatic closing of Work Requirements
Ability to automatically close a Work Requirement Phase while validating a Work Effort if all expected quantity is done.

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