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Change alert icon dynamically - Technical Documentation


The number of alerts is print by a Javascript function, in this function can be added the check for change the alert icon.

function callback() {
  if(parseFloat(strText) == 0 && document.getElementById("alertImage").className.indexOf("Menu_ToolBar_Button_Icon_alertActive") != -1)
  else if(parseFloat(strText) != 0 && document.getElementById("alertImage").className.indexOf("Menu_ToolBar_Button_Icon_alertActive") == -1)


In this file is necessary to create the function to change the alert icon image, the icon is changed by changing the class attribute.

function setAlertIcon(value) {
  if (value==true) changeClass("alertImage", "Menu_ToolBar_Button_Icon_alert", "Menu_ToolBar_Button_Icon_alertActive");
  if (value==false) changeClass("alertImage", "Menu_ToolBar_Button_Icon_alertActive", "Menu_ToolBar_Button_Icon_alert");
  return true;

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