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How to Configure an Attachment Method



The Attachment Method defines the way the attachment are managed in Openbravo ERP. When attachments are used it is needed to configure the desired Attachment Method. It is also possible to add extra information to each attached file stored as Attachment Metadata. In this document is described what are the Attachment Methods and the Attachment Metadata and how to configure them.

Bulbgraph.png   Openbravo ERP only includes an Attachment Method to store files in Openbravo server. Additional Attachment Methods can be added using Extension Modules. For example Alfresco Integration

Attachment Method configuration

The Attachment Method configuration is done at Client level. This means that on a unique Openbravo instance different Clients can use different attachment methods. The configuration is done in the Attachment Configuration window.

Attachment method
The Attachment Method to use.
Identifies the configuration in use on any moment. It is only possible to have one active instance on each Client.

Attachment Metadata

The Attachment Metadata are the properties or tags stored on each attachment file with extra information. For example when attaching a file to an Invoice it is possible to include as metadata the Customer and the Document Number of the invoice.

The metadata is configured by a System Administrator on each Attachment Method. The metadata can be configured globally or by Tab. Global metadata are included in all the attachments while tab metadata is included only on attachments related to the tab. Core's default method only includes the Description global metadata. In case it is desired to add new metadata it is possible to define them in a custom Extension Module.

The metadata are configured in a similar way to Process Definition parameters. Notice that not all available References are implemented. It is possible to use the List reference and all primitive references: numerics (amount, price, quantity), dates, strings,..

Bulbgraph.png   When creating new metadata ensure that the Method in use supports creating new metadata by other Extension Modules. Core and Alfresco Integration does.

Configuring metadata globally

Global metadata is added to all the uploaded files. They are defined in the Metadata tab of the Attachment Method window.

Main fields to set:

The value in the name field, is the name that you will assign to the metadata.
You can select the reference type.
DB Column Name
The name used to save the metadata.
Fixed parameters are parameters whose value is not editable by the user. The value is defined in the Fixed Value field. The value can be a static value or a JavaScript expression function. In case that the value is an expression it is neeeded to check the Evaluate Fixed Value flag.
Show in description
Flag that determines the metadata that it is added to the description of the file that is shown in the attachment section of the record where the document has been attached.
Bulbgraph.png   Note that if you clean the implicit filters in global metadata, you can see the metadata defined for a tab. In this case you can edit all metadata from this window, and for metadata defined by a tab, you will also have a 'Tab' field whom indicate the tab where the metadata is applied.

Configure metadata by Tab

The metadata configured by Tab is defined in the Attachment Metadata tab of the Windows, Tabs and Fields window. In this case the metadata is added only to files attached to that tab.

When defining a Fixed metadata on a Tab it is also possible to define a Property Path to get value instead of the Fixed Value expression.

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