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Projects:Alfresco Integration/Technical Specifications



In this document are described the developments needed to make core attachments customizable.


Attachment Method window

This window is accessible only with System Administrator role. Defines each attachment method available in the system. The search key identifies the class that implements the method.



List of fields that can be added to the Upload and Update popups. This table will belong to Attachment Method window and Windows, tabs, fields || tabs window.

Metadata Value table

This table will contain the value of all the metadata for each attachment (c_file). This table will not have any window related to it.

Attachment Configuration window


The Attachment Method identifies the class implementing it by its value. This field will not be update-able. Modules implementing an attachment method must have an annotation with the corresponding attachment method value. Modules implementing an attachment method might add new fields on this window to configure them (url, port, user, password,...)

Attachments section

Upload / Edit popup customization

Update existing processes using Attachment to new API

Print and Attach

C_FILE table

New field will be created in c_file:

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