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Projects:Assignation of Document Types Refactor



The aim of this project is to simplify the way document types are configured in the WebPOS.


Document types are configured in “Channel - Touchpoint Type” window, this fact force to create one Touchpoint Type by organization, because document types should be different for each organization, this adds complexity when setting up a store.

With the implementation of this refactor, document types will be configured in the “Organization”, therefore it is not necessary to duplicate the information in “Channel - Touchpoint Type” window. Only one  “Channel - Touchpoint Type” window for each type will be enough.

Retail configuration guide suggests to use a “Channel - Touchpoint Type” for each “Channel - Touchpoint” to avoid contention issues [1]. This recommendation is no longer going to be allowed when the refactor is done. But in reality it is a very restrictive recommendation and nobody configures the WebPOS using it.

New recommendation is to use a “Channel - Touchpoint Type” and the corresponding “Document Types” for each organization.



Technical Design

Test Cases

It has been considered that it is not necessary to develop new test cases for this refactor. The change does not create new flows. It just modifies the origin of the use of document types, and the use of document types is covered by current tests.


API Change

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