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Projects:Audit Trail/Functional Documentation



Currently Openbravo ERP has basic support for audit trailing, allowing only to maintain the user and time that created each record and the user and time for the last modification of each record.


The purpose of this project is to enhance audit trail support, to allow in Openbravo ERP to keep a complete history of information in the system.


In order to have a more detailed control, it would be needed to keep track of all the changes done in the database (configurable by System Administrator so he can decide which tables are tracked). That would include, registering for any change in any field the following information:


Feature request 10268

Design Considerations





Functional Requirements

User roles & profiles

The roles affected by this projects are:

Business process definition

User stories

Functional requirements based on business processes

Audit trail management

To support historical data log it is necessary to:


Once the audit information is stored in database, it is necessary to be able to query it. The queries that should be possible to perform would be:

No. Query Description Type Priority
1 Single record history All the modifications performed in a single record along the time. The record should be shown in the way it was after each of these modifications. It should be also shown the modification author and the place the modification was done from (process or window) Record High
2 Deleted records in a table A list of the records that were deleted from a table. From this view it would be nice to be able to navigate to the deleted record history. Table High
3 Table history for a concrete parent. Modifications in all the child records for a parent, for example all the modifications in the lines of an invoice. Table High
4 Table history. All the modifications performed in a table. A history of all the records in the same table. Table Medium
5 User table modifications. Which modification where performed by a single user in a table. Table Medium
6 User record modifications. Which modification where performed by a single user in a table. Record Medium
7 Record snapshot. How a record was at a concrete time. Record Low
8 Table snapshot. How a table was at a concrete time. Table Low

User Interface Mockups

Implementation Phases

First Phase

This section describes the selected features which will be implemented in the first phase of the project. Each selected feature will be linked to the requirements stated above.

Logging of audit information

The logging/recording of audit information will be completely implemented in the first phase of the project as it is the basis for all further items.


Future Work

When matching the views implement in phase one against the queries outlined above the following queries are not addressed or not completely addressed so far:

Referring to the rendering of references in a future phase the second option as described in the discussion items below could be implemented. This would (if the needed audit data of the reference target table(s) is available) assemble the historically correct identifier value.

Technical Requirements

Non-Functional Requirements

Open Discussion Items

Closed Discussion Items

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