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Projects:Automatic Void of Layaways



Commercial Extension Module (zero cost) Automatic Reservation Cancellation is an optional free commercial module that can be installed on top of Openbravo for Retail distribution starting from RR19Q2.

The objective of this project is to create a simple background process to automatically void layaways without payments after a configurable amount of hours have passed.

Module Details

User Guide

With this module installed, the user has now the ability to configure an automated process to void the layaways once a configurable hours have passed.

Configuring the Process

Navigate to the Organization window (Application -> General Setup -> Enterprise Model -> Organization) and define the maximum number of hours in “Hours for Automatic Void of Layaways”.

Additionally, there is another more priority field called Expiration Date in Sales Order window. If this date is defined, it will override whichever date limit was configured in the Organization window.


Like other Background Processes, this process is configured from the Process Request window (Application -> General Setup -> Process Scheduling -> Process Request).

In order to configure the process, simply create a new record selecting the “Automatic Void of Layaways” process. The timing options are explained more thoroughly on the following page: Process Request


After the record has been created, the process can be scheduled/unscheduled using the button on the top right corner of the window.

The execution of this process will void layaways with its order date before the indicated hours, as long as they have no associated payments, and the Expiration Date has not been defined.

When some record throws an exception during the voiding process, this process will log the error in that specific order and it will continue processing next orders.

The error will be saved inside the order field: ‘Void Layaway Error’ available inside ‘More Information’ section. This field is just visible when it holds any value. These errors will be cleaned in next execution of the process.

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