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Projects:Average Cost Per Invoice Price/Functional Documentation

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Average Cost Per Invoice Price - Functional Specification



The purpose of this project is to create a Costing Algorithm for the new Costing Engine that calculates the cost of the Products based on the Average Invoice price.

Design Considerations

This Costing Algorithm is an extension of the Average Cost Algorithm, so it will calculate the cost of a Product based on the average price of it's transactions. But instead of retrieving the price of a Product from the Order, it will retrieve it from the Invoice.

Other considerations

When the Costing Process is launched, if there is a Product that has a Goods Receipt processed, but there is not Invoice associated to it, then the Costing Process will stop. It will not be able to continue until an Invoice is created for this Goods Receipt.


This module depends at least on MP13, because in this MP is when the new Costin Engine is implemented.

Functional Requirements

In the definition of a Product, the user can choose to set this Algorithm for the calculation of it's cost. Then, when the Costing Process is run, the cost of this Product will be calculated. This will be done in a similar way to what it's done in the Average algorithm, but based on the average price of the Invoices instead of the price of the Orders.

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