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Pending issues

Priority Task No. Task Responsible Planned Status
1 1 Expenses and revenues with incorrect sign zylk fix confirmed
1 2 Prefilter the dashboard when are loaded. Openbravo has to define the desired default values. zylk fix confirmed
3 3 Hide NaN errors. It shows a data not found message with the selected filters. In the filters it should show the name instead of the id.

For example Organization: California instead of Organization: 1000000.

zylk fix confirmed
3 4 Lists of months should be the name of the months instead of their numbers, and these should be translatable. zylk fix confirmed
2 5 When a period does not have any data it should appear with 0. See an example in Openbravo CFO dashboard, organization Connecticut, period month and year 2006, the expenses graph should have the 12 months. zylk fix confirmed
6 In the Revenue by Period Category graph, when clicking on a bar it opens a pivot
1 6.1 The pivot should include the product dimension to be able to see the products of the selected product category. zylk fix confirmed
3 6.2 The meaning of theSlicer text is not intuitive. It should show the filters in a more user friendly manner, with the name of the organization, the name of the product category,... zylk fix confirmed
3 6.3 The title of the pivot is not set, it prints %title zylk fix confirmed
2 6.4 After being navigating opening and closing dimensions in the pivot it is not easy to go back to the dashboard. The back button of the browser doesn't go directly to the dashboard. zylk fix confirmed
2 7 Openbravo has to set the order in which appear the dimensions in the pivots, and also the default dimensions that appears. PJU, EAR, PMA pending
2 8 Check the data of the different dashboards and pivots
2 8.1 Openbravo Dashboard PJU, EAR, PMA pending
2 8.2 Openbravo CFO dashboard PJU, EAR, PMA pending
2 8.3 Pivot PJU, EAR, PMA pending
1 9 Integrate pentaho solutions in openbravo GDA, ALO Done
3 10 Adapt openbravo to be able to login using acegi. It is not possible to use only acegi as a SSO, it is necessary to setup a CAS server and configure both Pentaho and Openbravo ERP to work with it. Done with lam-kit and CAS. GDA Done
3 11 Configure pentaho's acegi to use Openbravo's users and roles tables GDA, zylk pending
2 12 Remove the title openbravo dashboard from the dashboards. zylk fix confirmed
2 13 When is opened a cube from a dashboard ensure that are passed all the applied filters. zylk fix confirmed
2 14 Remove the legends boxes and include the meaning of each bar of the graph in the axis. zylk fix confirmed
2 15 Differentiate the filters in two rows, 1st with general filters (organization, schema and currency) and 2nd with the filters of each dashboard. zylk fix confirmed
2 16 Identify the quarters of a year with '2008-Q2' instead of just the number of the quarter. zylk fix confirmed
1 17 Show in the dashboards and in the pivot the date of the last time that was processed the ETL zylk fixed dashboard,

ask pentaho

2 18 Remove from the Openbravo CFO dashboard the Revenue by period labels and Fiscal Year and Year from the period types available in the filters. zylk fix confirmed
1 19 Add the graphs of CFO dashboard to the Openbravo Dashboard. These graphs will show the selected period to analyze and n previous periods, Where n is a number set in the filters (number of previous periods) with a default value of 5. zylk fix confirmed
1 20 Improve the usability to select the period to analyze in the Openbravo Dashboard. The desired solution is a drop-down list with the period types and depending of the selected type show different drop-down lists. Available types and related drop-down lists are:
  • Fiscal Year. List of Fiscal Years available (Records of the C_Year table)
  • Fiscal Period. List of Fiscal Years, and list of Fiscal Period (C_Period) populated with the periods of the selected fiscal year
  • Year. List of years available.
  • Quarter. List of years and drop-down with quarters (Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4)
  • Month. List of years and a drop-down with the 12 months.
  • Week. List of years and a drop-down witht the weeks.
zylk fix confirmed
2 21 In Openbravo Dashboard change Revenue by Product to Revenue by Product Category. Delete the Revenue by Product under the table. Format the amounts of the table. zylk fix confirmed
2 22 Create documentation on the wiki zylk, openbravo
2 22.1 Installation guide of pentaho with Openbravo's solutions, includes configuration of Pentaho's ACEGI and scheduling of the ETL. zylk pending
2 22.2 Guide to include new Dashboards in Openbravo GDA pending
2 22.3 Guide to configure Openbravo to use a Pentaho server GDA pending
2 22.4 Update configuration of SSO server GDA pending
2 22.5 Guide to build new ETLs for Openbravo zylk pending

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