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Projects:Bank Statement Reconciliation Process Review/Functional Specification


Bank statement reconciliation process review - Functional Specifications


At present, Openbravo ERP allows users to generate bank files through remittances but there is no way of uploading files coming from bank to do an automatic conciliation.


Uploading Bank files and doing automatic conciliations.


Actions performed:

  1. Bank file format definition.
  2. Bank file uploading.
  3. A proposal of payments matching. This action will be done taking into account this info:
    1. Payment amount.
    2. Due date.
    3. Business partner.
    4. DocumentNo (Invoice).
    5. Organization.
  4. A user friendly window to do manual matching will be provided for those payments that couldn't be matched automatically. If matching is not possible, in this window user will be able to flag the payment as not found so that the system can create one though a +/- settlement or through a manual settlement (C_GLItem required).
  5. Bank statements for each bank account will be generated automatically.

Design Considerations


There is no dependency for this project.

Functional Requirements

Business process definition

  1. Bank file format definition.
  2. Bank file header creation: here user selects a file format and uploads the file.
  3. Automatic matching.
  4. Manual matching if needed.
  5. Document processing: this step will generate bank statements.

User stories

Here we have a little example of a user story:

Carlos, who is in charge of registering bank movements in the application, receives a bank file from BBVA to be registered. Through Bank File window he is able to register the new file he has received and then run Creation lines process. This opens a form where all the movements are. Most all of them have been automatically matched by the system, so he only needs to find three more payments which do not exist in the ERP. He flags two of them as new, as he knows those charges are related to two invoices he has not received yet, and he also flags the third one as new but this time he selects a GL Item related to an expense and validates the process. Now he can check that everything is alright in lines tab. Once he has done that he can run process button so that the bank statement is created.

Functional requirements based on business processes

To achieve the desired functionalities the following elements need to be added.


Bank file format: Here user can define different bank file formats.

  1. Bank file format (Header):

  1. Lines:

  1. Fields:

Bank file: Here user can upload bank files, do the matching and generate bank statements

  1. Bank file:

  1. Lines:


Manual matching: In this form automatic matching will be shown with its details but also those payments which couldn't be matched automatically appears with no payment linked. User will be able to link them manually or just flag the line as “New”. If a line is flagged as new, user will be able to select a GL Item (optional). Once finished all new payments and settlements will be crated and lines info will be updated.

User Interface Mockups

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