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Projects:Best Deal Case

Functional Requirements

Currently Discounts and Promotions are applied to a ticket based on two factors:

Best Deal Case is an alternative mechanism to the described one. When working on "Best Deal Case" mode:

It is not required to calculate best deal case while products are added to the ticket, this can be calculated instead when the ticket is about to be paid.

First iteration of this project will implement Best Deal Case in POS but not in backend.

Technical Specs


  promotionCandidates = getPromotionCandidates()
  do {
    if (!alreadyCalculated()) {
      for (line:lines) {
      for (line:lines) {
      if (currentDiscount > biggestDiscount) {
        biggestDiscount = currentDiscount
    couldMovePointer = movePointer()
  } while (!couldMovePointer)
  function getPromotionCandidates() {
    for (line:lines) {
    return candidates
  function splitLines() {
    // splits each line with more than 1 unit in several, having each of them 1 unit
    // it only applies to those lines that are candidates for at least one discount
  function alreadyCalculated () {
    // checks if current combianation is already calculated
    // Example:
    //  A disc1, A disc2 === A disc2, A disc1

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