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“Booking Control” is a new OB extension module which allows an audit trail by:

This feature is required in Germany, but it can also be generically used in other countries.

The booking control functionality provides the basis for proof of document booking, as there is going to be a reference number (booking control number) stamped manually in the invoice or document (on paper) by the end-user and at the same time automatically saved in the system/OB database linked to the invoice or document booked in the system.

This stamp contains fields for the account, the cost center, etc, these fields are filled in manually by the end-user before booking an invoice or document in the system. The person responsible for data entry will use this information when booking.
One stamp field is the booking control number, which is filled after posting the invoice in the system, therefore the booking control number is shown on the screen as a result of a successful posting transaction so the end user can written it down in the stamp.

The booking control number is also used to archive the invoice or document (on paper) and to find the related invoice or document in the system/database.


Follow below steps to get Booking Control module installed in your system:

Initial Client Setup

Follow below steps to get Booking Control dataset or reference data setup in a new Client:

In the case of an existing Client and Organization, Booking Control reference data must be applied at Organization level (Accounting unit) at the application path:
"General Setup // Enterprise // Enterprise Module Management"


Booking Process

To make the booking control feature to work, it is required to:

Booking Document & Booking Document Sequence setup

In order to get this booking control feature working, it is also required to verify that once Booking Control dataset has been applied for an accounting unit or Organization:

  1. there is a new document type named Booking Control Document at the application path:
    "Financial Management || Accounting || Setup || Document Type ||Document Definition".
  2. and there is a new document sequence named Booking Control Sequence at the application path:
    "Financial Management || Accounting || Setup || Document Sequence".

both items need to be linked.

If the user wants to change the document sequence, he can manually edit the "Booking Control Sequence" associated to the Booking control document type in the application path "Financial Management || Accounting || Setup || Document Sequence ||Sequence".

If the user wants a specific Organization to follow a different Booking Sequence Number that the one assigned to the "Booking Control document", a new "Booking Sequence Number" must be selected in the application path:
"General Setup // Enterprise // Organization - Org. Schema tab", for a given accounting schema.

It is also possible to reset the booking control sequence number per Fiscal Year, as shown in the screen below:

Booking number.png

Above setup means that Booking Control sequence:

In the case an end-user wants the booking control number to take as "First Assigned number for the Year" a diferent one that the one setup by default in the window "Financial Management || Accounting || Setup || Document Sequence “ - Sequence tab - "First assigned number for the Year" field for a given year, he/she will have to manually created:

- the "Year", let's say 2011 - and the "Next assigned number", let's say 110000000 manually

in the new sub-tab "Year Sequences" prior to any booking, as shonw in the screen below:

Manual number.png

Accounting Schema tables to be activated for the Transactions to get posted

If the user wants the booking control feature enabled for other than invoice posting the corresponding tables should be activated in order to allow the corresponding posting, for doing that below steps must be followed:

User interface Changes

A new window “Booking Control” has been added in the application path:
"Financial Management || Accounting || Transactions || Booking Control", as shown in the screen below.

Booking control.png

Whenever we post a transaction, a new row will be added automatically to that window, with the corresponding values according to the transaction details in the following fields.

A new tab named “Booking Control” has also been added in the following windows.

And in the case of Advanced Payables & Receivables management windows:

It is important to remark that once Booking Control dataset has been applied, there will be two (2) "Accounting History" tab as described below:

We encourage the fist one to be hidden in order to avoid confusions by following below steps:

All the Booking control tabs listed above have the same fields as described for the Booking Control new window.

For example a purchase invoice (Transaction document: AP Invoice) is being posted on 11th August 2009 with a grant total amount of 522,00, after booking, the booking control tab in the Purchase Invoice window will have the following values.

Purchase invoice bc.png

The same values will be shown in the "Financial Management || Accounting || Transactions || Booking Control" window.

Finally, every time we start booking for a year, the tab Year Sequence" at the applicatino path: " will be automaticall populated with the corresponding "Next Assigned Value" informacion, as shown below for year 2009, by example:

Next number 2009.png

User Tasks

(1) Peter is an accountant who needs to book a purchase invoice and at the same time keep the invoice document (in paper). For getting that done he needs to:

(2) After posting Peter can verify the corresponding journal entry to check that the values in the Debit and in the Credit are correct.

(3) He can also click the Journal entry link, by doing that he will be redirected to the original document that is the purchase invoice

(4) Peter can inquiry the Booking control tab in the Purchase invoice || Header, for him to write-down the booking control number given in the paper:

(5) Peter can also search a document booked in the system by navigating to the application path:
"Financial Management || Accounting || Transactions ||Booking Control", once there he has below shown search options.
He could enter the booking control number he can see in the paper to find the document in the system or he could enter the accounting period when a document was booked in the system:

Search 0.png Search 1.png

(6) Once the document is found. he can only modify the field "Description" if needed as rest of "booking" field are not editable.


(7) Finally, if Peter clicks the Browse document process, he will get the original document which was booked.

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