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Business Partner Debt Consolidation

Artifact List

The development of this module involves the creation of the following items:

New module

A module must be created with the following parameters:

In the dependency tab:

In the prefix tab: Prefix=BPDC

In the datapackage tab: org.openbravo.bpdebtconsolidation

New Feature included in the module


Business partner debt consolidation

This new process is going to be defined in the following way:

In the Java process class the following class should be mapped

Using this Java process the process will achieve the purpose described at the functional documentation "This feature consists in a process that allows users to automatically consolidate the outstanding payments for one or more business partners and create a debt payment for the difference of payment dues and payment received and closing all intermediary documents." To achieve this the process does not need any PL or database function is going to use the Openbravo Data Access Layer (DAL). Of course, link to this java class the UI should also have the HTML mapped under the java class in the following way

In this process UI HTML web page the user should access to the process filter window. Find all of the needed filter fields and the mockup of the appeareance in the Function definition of this project.


Two new messages will be included also in the database in order to be able to translate them in this module. Find below the definition of both of them

Missing Form Of Payment Message

This message will be used in order to aware the user the the form of payment in the business partner is missing.

No organization defined

Noticed that the Organization field is going to be mandatory thats the reason why is usefull to have this error message informing the user that is trying to run the process without informing the organization field.

Menu Entry

Off course to be able to access this module we'll need a menu entry. this menu entry should be under Financial Management || Receivables & Payables || Analysis Tools. Also finf below the definition of this menu entry in the application dictionary.

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