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What is a loyalty rule?

In loyalty programs:

This module provides a new EARN rule based on ticket amount. This rule can be configured at category level to determine the amount of points generated by each amount.

Where can the rule be found?

Loyalty rules are defined in the BackOffice inside EARN Rule Type, BURN Rule Type and category Rule Type windows. This are source data windows and those are just available when logged as system administrator

As Buy X Amount And EARN Y Points is an EARN Rule, this one will be registered under EARN Rule Type window.

Buy X Amount EARN Y Points Rule Type.png

How to configure the rule

Loyalty Program window

EARN rules are configured inside Loyalty Program window. EARN rules are always defined for an specific loyalty category, this means you can have different EARN configuration per category.

To configure this rule you should create a new register under the desired loyalty category, and provide the required configuration.

Buy X Amount EARN Y Points Rule Loyalty Category.png

Rule Type

When defining the rule for a given category, user can select the rule type. There are two different types available:

Buy X Amount EARN Y Points Rule Single Range.png

Buy X Amount EARN Y Points Rule Multiple Range.png

Target Documents

This EARN rule will not consider the following documents:

When are the points computed?

Once a ticket is synchronized with the BackOffice, the rule algorithm will be launched and the points generated for the related subscription.

After the ticket printing system will as well generate a printable containing the amount of points generated together with the total available amount of points for the subscription.

Buy X Amount EARN Y Points Rule WebPOS Printable.png

WebPOS requires to be ONLINE to retrieve the earned points. Those points are computed in BackOffice and those are just available when being ONLINE.

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