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The current ad_field definition always assumes that an ad_field is backed by a column with a reference. In MP3 a new type of field was added (widget in form), which provided a bit more flexibility. Still an even more flexible solution is needed to allow much more freedom in integrating free-form javascript components in the form. Especially computed fields which can be implemented using client side logic can benefit from this development.

Feature overview

Users & use cases



Functional specification


Technical specification

Model Changes

Add new fields to AD_Field:

Server Side Changes

Client Side Changes

Supporting Window Personalization

Window personalization visualizes each field without a current record or form or backing grid. If the specific canvas is not able to be visualized in window personalization then on class level it should have the property: noPersonalizationVisualization, set to true. In that case window personalization should just display a box with an openbravo logo.

Note: although it can look strange, it should be possible to visualize a canvasitem in the statusbar also.

User experience design



The proposal is to deliver this solution for MP4 together with a howto with some examples.

The development effort:



This feature development is tracked using the following issue(s):



The new development should be explained in a HowTo which contains several examples:

Howto: How_to_add_a_canvas_field_to_a_Form_or_Grid

Not implemented

The following has not been implemented:

Test Plan/Topics

The test plan gives an overview of the steps to take to test this new feature.

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