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Cash Flow Forecast Report for APRM - Functional Specifications



The purpose of this project is to make a report for Advanced Payables and Receivables Management module. This report shows the position of a Financial Account due to expected deposits and withdrawals within a selected period in the future.

Design Considerations

The filter side of this report should show the information below.

And should Display the following data

Other considerations


Dependant on Advanced Payables and Receivables Management.


Functional Requirements

User stories

Bob, the accountant of a food delivery company, wants to know the position of his bank accounts on Friday next week. This way he can avoid paying interest for any of his accounts in case there are not enough funds in any of them. He enters Friday next week as Date planned and runs the report.

There he finds out Account A is going to have a negative value due to some payments he has planned to do against it.

Thanks to this valuable info he decides to move some funds from account B to Account A before this negative value takes place ensuring there will be no additional cost associated.

User Interface Mockups

Html search view.


Exporting to .pdf (Filtering criteria missing. To be added in final report)


Exporting to .xls.

Not Available

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