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Projects:CashUp Improve Performance



The goal of this project is to improve the cashup performance.

This project is a refactor of the class Order Grouping Processor. This class creates the invoices, payments, transactions, etc... related to the cash up.

The main change in this class is that instead of insert one by one the records related to the invoices generated in the cash up, all records are inserted using clauses "insert - select", improving the performance of the inserts in the database.

Automated Tests

1. CashUpGroupingWithDiferentsBP

2. CashUpNoGroupingWithDiferentsBP

3. CashUpSplitLines

4. CashUpSplitLinesNotIncludeTaxes

5. CashUpWithTotalPaidCredit

6. CashUpWithPartialPaidCredit

Test Cases

Test Case 1

Pre-condition: POSTGRES - 1507 order lines

Results: Performance improvement 74 %

Test Case 2

Pre-condition: POSTGRES - 300 order lines

Results: Performance improvement 66 %

Test Case 3

Pre-condition: ORACLE - 100 order lines

Results: Performance improvement 47 %


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