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Projects:Change password/Functional Requirements


This project adds the option to define a number of days to password expiration to all users on that client. Configuration is made at Client, setting Days to Password Expiration and affect all users on that client.

By default last updated password date of the user is stored, if last update password date of the user plus days to password expiration defined in the client is reached, the user will not be able to login until the password is changed. User will be forced to introduce a new password different from the previous one.

Every time user changes the password, last update password date of the user is updated with the actual date, even if password has been changed from the backend and date has not been reached.

The implementation works for the backend and mobile.


Extend core functionality to be able to set a number of days to password expiration. Users will be forced to renew the password once has elapsed the number of days to password expiration from the last update password by the user.

Functional requirements based on business processes

Core changes document
Id Requirement Importance
1 Add the ability to define a limit of days to change the password to all users depending from a client. Must have
2 Add the ability to ask the user to enter a new password (ERP and WebPOS) once the system detects that expiry password date (Client defined Days to Password Expiration + Last Update Password Date for user) has arrived . Must have

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