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The main purpose of this module is to enhance APRM to allow printing of checks and provide a system to browse historical data in order to be able to print a check again in case an error occurred. Besides, this module must also support the creation of other extension modules which will implement a logic for new check printing formats.

Installation and configuration

Install the module

To install the module:

A detailed guide on how to install a new module can be found in the Install Module video.


Prior to start using Check Printing module, some configuration is required. The configuration basics must be provided as a reference data.

A Document Type, and Execution Process and a Payment Method will be "automatically" created after applying Check Printing reference data set to the legal entity. More information in the Check Printing Functional Documentation.

Above configuration indicates that the payment method can be used for OUT Payment transactions. Accounting configuration for this payment method must be done manually after applying the data set (payment / withdrawal / reconciliation). It links the payment method to an execution process as well, therefore payments created under this payment method can be executed and be included in Check Printing window with the proper numbering information.

Afterwards this payment method must be assigned to:

Finally, let's remember that this module supports any other payment method configuration deployed as a module.

Creating a new Document Template for checks

The example template provided can be modified to better suit the needs of the organization. But a new template related to another document type can be created too. To do so follow the instructions below.

Create a new Jasper Report file

A new template can be created for printing checks.

First, a Jasper Report file must be created. The file provided with this module can be used as an example. The Jasper Report file must contain a parameter named CHECKS_IDS. This parameter is used to identify the checks selected in the check printing window for printing.

Configure the new template

When the Jasper Report file is created, a new Document Type must be defined in the Application Dictionary that references it.

In the Report Templates Tab:


Then the Execution Process Check Printing must be updated in the Application Dictionary too. This process does assign the Document Type to the checks that are created when a Payment is Executed. In order to associate the checks with the new Document Type created the Parameter Document Type must be changed.


Now the new Document Type is created and associated with the process that creates the checks.

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