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Check Printing - User documentation



The main purpose of this module is to enhance APRM to allow printing of checks and provide a system to browse historical data in order to be able to print a check again in case an error occurred. Besides, this module must also support the creation of other extension modules which will implement a logic for new check printing formats.

Check Printing

Execute Payment

After creating any payment/s with the previously described payment method, those will remain Awaiting Execution. We will need an additional step to execute them in order to provide the first number for the check sequence. This can be done through Payment Execution form.

Select payments to be printed:


Click on process and a pop up will show, requesting a number for the check. This number is optional. If the user does not provide a number for the check, a :


Now system will automatically create the entries in Check Printing window in status Not Printed. It will associate automatically the document type Check (which will define the printing format) and the number sequence.

Print Checks

A new window to manage check printing is created.

This new window can be located at the application path: "Financial Management // Receivables & Payables // Transactions // Check Printing"

Information in this window will be automatically fulfilled when executing payment OUT transactions which are using previous payment method

It should be possible to:


Window will apply a first filter to just show those check which are in status Not Printed, although this filter can be removed to display all checks (Including checks in status Printed.

Printing a check or a set of check will be as simple as selecting them and clicking on print button.

The printing template is in charge as well of flagging selected checks as status Printed.

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