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Chèque cadeau are digital coupons that can be accepted as payment method. Chèque cadeau have a barcode encoded as GS1 Databar that can be read using a scanner and contains all the information required for the payment: Issuing company code, coupon number, expiration date and amount. Using this functionality these digital coupons can be registered as payment in Web POS. This image is a specimen of a chèque cadeau with a GS1 Databar barcode.


Installation and configuration

To use this functionality the modules Digital Coupons for Retail and Chèque cadeau GS1 Databar need to be installed, and to configure a payment method to accept digital coupons, the field Is digital coupon has to be checked in the tab Payment Method of the window POS Terminal Type. This field activates the dialogs to register digital coupons when in the Web POS the payment method button is pressed.


There are two windows in the Web POS to register digital coupons: The view list and the manual mode. By default, if the Chèque cadeau GS1 Databar module is installed, it appears in the first place the view list. This behaviour can be modified by changing the value of the preference Digital Coupons List View as Default.

Issuing companies

Digital coupons are issued by issuing companies, this list of issuing companies whose digital coupons are accepted as payment has to be created in the window Issuing Company. The most important field in this window is the Code that it is used to match the Issuing company code of the read GS1 Databar barcode with the Issuing company code configured in this window. So all Issuing companies of Cheque cadeau accepted must be configured in this window.

Issuing Companies

The fields to be filled in are:

Only Chèque cadeau barcodes with issuing company code registered in this window will be accepted by the Web POS.


To register a chèque cadeau reading the GS1 Databar, in the Web POS payment panel tap on the payment method button and the window to register digital coupons appear:

Digital Coupon Dialog

To register a new chèque cadeau just read the barcode with a scanner and the details of the chèque cadeau will be added to the list. In the case of any error reading the barcode, the issuing company is not registered or if the date has expired, an error will appear and the chèque cadeau will not be registered. In the case of error because the the scanner cannot read the barcode, it can be entered manually. To do this press the button Manual Mode and type the full barcode in the barcode field and at the end press the Enter key. If the barcode typed is correct the fields issuing company, check number, amount and expiration date will be filled automatically. Then press the button add and the chèque cadeau will registered.

If the Chèque cadeau GS1 Databar module is not installed, it will still be possible to manually add the Issuing Company, Check Number, Amount and Expiration Date fields.

Digital Coupon List

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