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Projects:Complete Process Imported Orders/Functional Specification


Complete Process Imported Orders - Functional Specifications



At present, within Openbravo ERP, the orders imported with the import order process have to be completed manually one by one.

This project aims to give the option of complete and process all the imported orders automatically.


This project will modify the current import orders process.

Functional Requirements

Business process definition

Create Orders

  1. Create new external orders from:
    1. Openbravo POS.
    2. Another ERP system and export them into a plain text file format.

Import Loader

  1. Define an import loader format for orders (Master Data Management || Import Data || Import Loader Format || Import Format).
  2. Pre-import the orders (Master Data Management || Import Data || Import File Loader || Import File Loader).
  3. Import, complete and process the orders definitively (Master Data Management || Import Data || Import Orders || Import Order).

Functional requirements based on business processes

To achieve the desired functionalities the following elements need to be added.

Import Orders

Import orders process must have an option to complete and process orders automatically.

Num Requirement Importance Status
1.1 Import orders pop-up window must have a check-box with the label Complete and process orders automatically. This check-box will be ticked by default. Must have Complete
1.2 Imported orders process must complete and process the imported orders. Must have Complete

User Interface Mockups

Import Orders


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