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The Contact Info for Product (or Item Declaration) is a new functionality that allows to add some customer data to the order lines in Web POS.

This allows, for example in France, to add to the TV products lines the information related to the customer that is going to be the owner of the TV, that is something required by law.


The WEB POS Show BusinessPartner Birth Information preference changes the requirements when adding the contact information. With the preference enabled, when adding information to a product, the assigned business partner will have to have the birth date and birth place filled or they will be asked during the process.

Backend Configuration


The contact information will be required for those products that have the flag Item Declaration checked.

ContactInfoForProduct 1.png

Purpose of Use

When adding the contact information to a product, some of the required information is the purpose of use that the product will have.

To set the purpose of use, there's a window in backend in which the purpose of uses are listed: "Point of Sale || Purpose of Use". Then, when adding the information, one of those values must be chosen.


Add a product to ticket

Contact Info Popup

When adding a product to the receipt with the Item Declaration field checked, a modal dialog is shown to introduce the contact information.


Fill out the following items:

The Apply button is enabled once the mandatory values have been filled in the popup.

When clicking the Apply button, it is checked if the assigned customer is the anonymous customer. In that case a popup is shown telling that the anonymous customer cannot be set to the contact information and goes back to the information popup (after clicking on the OK button).

Missing Information Popup

When the Apply button is clicked, the Customer birth information (Date and Place), the postal code and country name fields in the address are checked . If any information is missing, a new dialog appears telling for it. In the next image the birth place and date information is missing:

ContactInfoForProduct 3.png

When clicking the Apply button the information is directly synchronized in the backend.

Set the Business Partner to the Order

If the order had the anonymous customer assigned, after clicking on the apply button a popup appears asking if the user wants to assign the customer set in the contact info to the order.

Edit Item Declaration

Select a receipt line and press button Contact Info in EDIT panel. It will open a Item Declaration dialog to modify that information.

ContactInfoForProduct 5.png

Show Item Declaration

When a receipt is closed the Item Declaration can not be edited, but it possible to show it. When selecting a receipt line and then pressing the Contact Info button on the EDIT panel it shown:

ContactInfoForProduct 4.png

The information is also visible in the backend, in the order line. As in the Web POS, this information is not modifiable.


To be able to edit a synchronized contact info is necessary to do a cancel and replace of the ticket and modify it in the Web POS.


When a product is added to a Quotation is not mandatory to introduce the Contact Information, but is possible add this information manually from Contact Info button on EDIT panel.

If the Quotation is converted to a Sales Order and there are some lines without the Contact Information need it, then the dialog will be open and the entered information will be applied to all uncompleted lines.

Later button

There are some situations in which when introducing a line that requires contact info, the user doesn't want to instantly add the information, for example because the user wants to check if the available services for the line before introducing the info. In this case, the Later button can be used in the Item declaration popup.


Doing this, the line is added to the order but with a --Missing Contact Info label that warns the user that the information is missing.


The user can open the contact info popup as if the information was added, and can introduce it anytime. In this case, as the line has already been created, the Later button will be disabled.

When trying to pay a ticket (both for a single ticket or with multiple tickets), it is checked if there's any line with the contact information pending, and in that case a popup is shown telling that there's some line with the missing info.


If a product that requires contact info is introduced by RFID, it is automatically added to the order and set as --Missing Contact Info.

Packs and Combos

There can be the possibility to add one or more products that requires contact info at a time when introducing a pack or combo. In this case, the contact information will be required only once, and the same information will be applied to each product that requires it.

If the Later button is clicked, all lines that requires the information will be set as --Missing Contact Info.

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