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Cost Based Price List - Technical Documentation


This document will explain the approach to implement a solution to support Cost Based Price List.

Technical design

Database Changes

Table M_PriceList

Column Data Type Description
costbased CHAR(1 byte), Default (N) Corresponding to Cost Based Price List

Table M_ProductPrice

Column Data Type Description
cost NUMBER, Default (0) Corresponding to Product Cost

Table M_DiscountSchemaLine

Column Data Type Description
list_margin NUMBER, Default(0) Corresponding to Base Net List Price
std_margin NUMBER, Default(0) Corresponding to Base Net Unit Price
limit_margin NUMBER, Default(0) Corresponding to Base Net Limit Price

Stored Procedures

Stored Procedure m_pricelist_create

New logic to allow the creation of a price list beginning with the product cost. If you use cost based and do not have a price list base version the process add all products (excluding discounts products) existing in the organization and client.

Stored Procedure m_get_cost

New stored procedure that return the cost converted in the selected currency for the new costing engine and the previous cost in Openbravo ERP.

Window changes

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