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Projects:Cost Adjustments/DevelopmentAndDesignNotes



In this document basic notes and requirements are listed to be considered during project design and development.

Notes from Cost Engine development project

Functional Specs

Business Process definition:

  1. New document Cost Adjustment.
    1. Changes on calculated cost (landed cost, invoiced order, cancelled transaction,...) are included using this document.
    2. Each transaction might have different cost adjustments associated.
    3. The Cost Adjustment has a date it is applied on, which can be different than the original calculation date.
    4. Algorithms shall provide a method to populate the cost adjustment lines with the related transactions and amounts.
    5. Lines are related to the transaction it is related to, the amount to adjust and the type of adjustment (cogs or inventory)
    6. Each line has to define which document types need to be accounted.

Functional Requirements

Cost Adjustments
Id Requirement Importance Status
4.1 New Cost Adjustment window Must have Not started
4.2 New Cost Adjustment process Must have Not started

It is possible to modify the cost calculated for a transaction on a later date, for example for landed costs or invoicing. This is done using the Cost Adjustment document. On this document is set the amount to be adjusted, the date when the cost adjustment happens and the transaction(s) the adjustment applies to. When the adjustment is processed the corresponding costing algorithm determines which transactions needs to be adjusted. Using Cost Adjustments it is possible to see the evolution of the cost related to the transaction over the time. The main scenario to use adjustments are for Purchase Invoices. The cost of the Receipts is calculated based on the related Purchase Order. When the receipt is invoiced it has to be checked if a cost adjustment is needed.

Technical specs

New document for each cost calculation.

Cost Adjustment window

Read only transactional window with all cost adjustments.


Document Number and Document Type
Fields to identify each cost adjustment document.
Date when adjustment takes place. Used for accounting.
Inventory amount
Total amount that needs to be updated on the inventory valuation account.
COGS amount
Total amount that needs to be updated on the COGS account.
Table Id and Record Id
Fields to identify the document that originates the adjustment.


Transaction Id
Transaction the adjustmen applies to.
COGS or Inventory
The amount to be adjusted for this transaction and type.

Cost Adjustment process

Process to manage cost calculations. If a new cost is added to an already calculated transaction it has to call the corresponding algorithm api to make the needed adjustments on related transactions. It has to check that the amounst are correct. A new record on the M_Transaction_Cost table is created for each line.

Notes Preliminary

Notes Jun-23th-2014

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