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Projects:Coupons/User Guide



This project implements coupons functionality. To be able to configure/define coupons the following module is required:

Copy Promotion/discount

The promotion/discounts can be copied.

Select the discount/promotion to be copied, and click in 'Copy discount' button. A new popup is opened:


The rest of information is retrieved from the previously selected discount/promotion.

Coupon definition

The coupon is a discount/promotion that has 'uses coupon codes' checked. When this checkbox is checked:

NOTE: Coupons work as discount/promotions. The only difference is that they need the code to be inserted in order to be applied to the products.


You can find information about how to define a promotion/discount here

Uses coupon codes
Defines if discount/promotion is going to use codes to redeem them.
It will be able to redeem coupons any day of the week
It will be able to redeem coupons on Mondays
It will be able to redeem coupons on Tuesdays
It will be able to redeem coupons on Wednesday
It will be able to redeem coupons on Thursdays
It will be able to redeem coupons on Fridays
It will be able to redeem coupons on Saturdays
It will be able to redeem coupons on Sundays

Bulbgraph.png   This option is included starting from RR19Q3

The section Coupon availability is replaced by section Availability


Coupon code
The code of the coupon, that must be unique.
Expires after 1 use
It defines if after using in an order will be expired or not. It will be applicable only in one order.
The status of the coupon ('Available', 'Not Available'). This field will be visible, when 'expired after 1 use' is checked.

NOTE: coupons will work only in WebPos even though the configuration is done in the backend.

Redeem coupon

Create an order in the webpos. Insert the coupon (it doesn't matter when the coupon is inserted. Once the coupon is inserted the promotion of the coupon will be taken into account for the products that were already in the order, and for the products that are added after it).


NOTE: More than one coupon code can have the same discount/promotion ID. Even though multiple coupons can be added to the order, the discount/promotion ID that belong to, has to be different. There is a validation in the WebPOS that avoids having multiple times the same discount/promotion ID.

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