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Cross Store Payments


The main purpose of this project is to enable the ability to create payments in a global cross-store organization, so that tickets or returns from one store can be paid in another store.

This project will cover cross store payments within the same Legal Entity (LE).

Functional requirements

To achieve this goal webPOS should be able to:

Cross Store organization is a parent organization

This organization determines which orders are visible and can be paid in this store. All orders booked in any store below cross store organization for current store, can be both browsed and paid in current store.

Components which need to be changed

The main components which need to be changed are the following.

Configuration of the cross-store organization

Verified Returns & Open Receipt (receipt search)

Order Deliveries in BO

The OrderLoader must be changed so that when paying an order (not a return) from another store, there is no delivery of goods. The delivery of those goods will hapen in the original store, but the payment is registered in this one.

Payment creation in BO

The OrderLoader must be changed so that the payments for receipts whose store is different from the store of the terminal are generated in the cross-store organization.

CashUp creation in BO

When processing the cashup, a reconciliation is created. This reconciliation must be created in the cross-store organization if there is at least one payment/transaction created in the cross-store organization.

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