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Projects:Cross Organization Reference UI/Specs


Functional Requirements


In 3.0PR16Q3 the Cross Organization Reference Project introduced the capability to define, for some specific columns, the ability not to check whether referenced records are in the same organization natural tree than the record they are referenced from. This implementation is limited to be used only programatically from code.

The goal of this project is to expose this functionality to end users, so that for these kind of columns they will be able to select in the UI records from unrelated organizations.

Technical Specs

Required changes

UI for FK references

Because the visualization in UI is implemented by each different reference. It will be necessary to modify the standard FK references to support this feature.

The references that will support it are:


Any other FK reference will not support this feature and in case it is needed it will require to be modified to do so.

Datasource on save enforcement

When creating/updating a record from standard UI, referenced objects are checked to be in the same organization tree as the record they are referenced from. This check will be relaxed for standard datasource to allow cross organization references for those columns that support it, preserving the existent checks for the rest of columns.

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