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Projects:Customer address selection in WebPOS


Functional specifications


The aim of these functional specifications is to describe how to add Customer address selection in WebPOS Receipt.In current WebPOS,system automatically fetch one customer address from ERP and user have no option to change address(if customer have multiple address).


In WebPOS,add new selection box for Customer address and this field will help user to change address selection.The new address selection box shouldn't affect anything in existing functionality and this may not make any impact for single address customer.Once Customer is selected,default address will get filled in Customer address box(new). If needed,user will change customer address from pop-up.

Techinical specifications

Server side processes

Client side processes and UI


Design considerations

We need to store Business Partner address in WebSQL for offline process.Pass customer filter condition from Business partner table.New field Customer address will be passed as customer address in Sales Order.

This popup should have option to search,clear search and select customer address.Customer ID will be passed as filter(automatically) and this pop-up may not require any advanced search.


Customer Default Address
Customer Address Selection
Customer Address Changed
Customer SalesOrder

Functional Requirements

Business process definition

Sales Ticket:

The new customer address selection popup should work in all devices including mobile.

User stories

Joe is a Truck sales person. He is selling goods to Carrefour retail chain,available in multiple locations.(i.e Carrefour store 1,Carrefour store 2). Joe requires address selection in WebPOS along with customer to identify store sales.Here address may refer store location and store number.

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