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Projects:Customer search key sequence by store

Bulbgraph.png   This feature is available starting from 3.0PR19Q1.


This functionality allows to configure at Store (Organization) level a Document Sequence to generate the Search Key of the customers created from Web POS. Configuring the sequence is optional. If there is no sequence defined for a Store, the search key for customers created on terminals of that store will be the Name of the customer.

How to configure

To configure a Search Key Sequence for customers, first go to the Document Sequence window and create a new document sequence for the store:


After creating the sequence with the desired values, go to the Organization window, open the Store to be configured (Vall Blanca Store on the example), and assign the previously created sequence to the Customer Search Key Sequence field:


After that, simply save the record. From that point, all customers created from Web POS on any terminal belonging to Vall Blanca Store will have their search key generated from the sequence.

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