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Projects:DB Support Indexes With Functions/QA

Automated Tests

The FunctionBasedIndexes class has been added to the ModelSuite in the DBSMTest project. That class contains the following tests:

Each of these tests is executed several times, according to the following parameters: - Database type and version - Test Type: {onCreate, onDefault}. When the test type is onCreate, the indexes will be created in the create.database process, otherwise they will be created in the update.database process, after having loaded a base madel using create.database.

So far these tests have been run using PostgreSQL 9.1 and Oracle 11.2

Performance Tests

In an OB instance having 7 million business partners, creating a simple index on the value column took 134 seconds, and creating a function based index using upper took 142 seconds.

The increase in the insertion time after creating the function based index is negligible.

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