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Projects:DB Synchronization With Symmetric DS/JMeter Tests


The configuration of the tables to be synchronized is donde in the Synchronized Table, available using the System Administrator role.

org.openbravo.retail.storeserver.synchronization.examples module

The org.openbravo.retail.storeserver.synchronization.examples module contains tables required by the jmeter tests to test the synchronization, along with the jmeter tests.

The jmeter tests are placed in the src-test/jmeter-tests of the module. They can be executed either from the JMeter GUI or from the console using a command similar to this one:

jmeter -n -t TriggersAreDisabledDuringSynch.jmx -l /tmp/testOutput.log -JcentralServerURL=localhost -JstoreServerURL=localhost -JcentralServerPort=8090 -JstoreServerPort=8070

The following tests have been defined:

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