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Projects:Data Access Layer/EntityNaming

Entity and Package naming

An entity name is used to identify a type of entity, for example BusinessPartner or Account. The entity name is an important concept in the Data Access Layer and its dependent layers (for example the webservice layer). The entity name is used to generate xml, webservices, for Java class name generation. From a user and developer perspective the entity name should be easy to understand and give a clear idea of the type of entity. On the other hand from a development perspective it's more efficient if the entity names can be generated with the current information in the Application Dictionary.

Current Entity Naming Logic

The current version of the Data Access Layer uses the prefix of a table to create the package name (for example C_Currency ).

Asset Package

Table Entity Name
a_amortization Amortization
a_amortizationline AmortizationLine
a_asset Asset
a_asset_acct AssetAccount
a_asset_addition AssetAddition
a_asset_change AssetChange
a_asset_change_amt AssetChangeAmount
a_asset_group AssetGroup
a_asset_group_acct AssetGroupAccount
a_asset_use AssetUse

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