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Direct Debt Payment


This new functionality requires the creation of new module named "Direct Debit form of payment". Also the OBX file should be registered and also available in openbravo forge.

Module Specifications

Name: Direct Debit form of payment

New Reference Data

In order to manage this new functionality it is needed to have a new reference data available for the user. This reference data should be related to the existing "All_Payment Rule". The new entry is going to be used to mark the payment rule named "Direct Debit".

New Process

A new Process should be created to managed this new functionality. This process could be created in a standard way using wad. Also many user would like to run this process automatically using " Process Request" under General Setup || Process Scheduling. In that case since it is not possible to run it in this way using parameters, the process should run without any, this means that all the payments mark as "direct debit" will have the bank statement created after running it.

Process Definition

The parameter of this process are the following

The process should check all of the matching receivable and payables payments under the table C_DEBT_PAYMENT and create for each one a new bank statement Using to it the amount of the payment, the business partner and selected bank account. Once the bank statement is created it has to be processed.

If the parameters are not specified, the process will consider all payment in that dimension. For instance, if no organization is specified, direct debits are processed in all organizations in the current client.

The process should search in the table C_DEBT_PAYMENT for:

The Process will create a new bank Statement with a bank statement line.

To process the created Bank Statement call the C_BankStatement_Post procedure.

Lines at Bank Statement

Lines at Bank Statement Line

Entry in the menu

To handle this process a new menu entry should be created in the General setup.

Menu entry specification

This new menu entry should be under (Financial Management || Receivables & Payables || Transactions)

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