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Projects:Directdebit/User Guide

This User Manual is intended as a reference for end users of Direct Debit Form of Payment module. It provides guidance on usability from a functional perspective. The steps provided below are based on Small Bazaar sample data.



A direct debit payment is a form of payment where the selling organization directly charges to amount of the payment to a bank account or a credit card of the business partner associated with the payment.

This is an increasingly popular form of payments in many countries. In Spain, this practice is known as “domicialiación bancaria”.

The feature provided by the module automates functionality that is otherwise already available in the product. The module enables the user to execute this tasks in a faster, more efficient and more reliable way.

Please note that the current module's scope is to automate the recording of a direct debit transaction within Openbravo. It does not cover the automation of the execution of the payment instructions with the bank. Also, at the moment only direct debit to bank accounts are supported. Credit cards and other payment instruments are out of scope.


No configuration is required.


The steps to process direct debit payments can be summarized in:

The system will automatically process the payments (if any) and create the required bank statements.

Notice that if the filter is left blank, every direct debit payment with due date prior or equal to today will be processed. If an organization is selected in the filter, only the payments of the selected organization will be processed. Also notice that if for any reason one of the payments can not be processed, none of them will. The system will return an error with an explanatory message.


Example: Standard Sales Flow

The feature added by this module does not introduce variations in the business flow, but automates the step of the bank statement creation. The following example provides the steps to test the feature in an application with Small Bazaar sample data.

Create a new Sales Order

Create a Sales Invoice for the Sales Order

Complete the sales invoice and check that in the payment tab, a payment is created with direct debit form of payment.

Process Direct Debit.


This module is intended to work independently as explained above. However, it is part of an extension pack named Advanced Payments which provides the ability to manage advanced payments among business partners.

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