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Projects:Disable Transactional Filters/Specs

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Functional Requirements

The functional requirement of this project is to provide the ability of disabling the transactional filters. A transactional filter is the filter that is applied by default when a transactional window is accessed. It filters all the documents with status Draft or which date is in the defined Transaction Range.

This kind of filters are intended to decrease the time spent to show the data the first when opening the window. However without extra matching indexes this kind of filters in fact can hurt performance in high data volumes.

For this reason, thanks to this project, the application will provide the ability of disabling the transactional filters in all windows with a new setting within the Grid Configuration at System Level window. By default, these filters will remain enabled unless this new setting is set as false.

Note that having this feature as a Grid Configuration setting will allow users to enable/disable this kind of filters without the need of restarting the server. Just a logout and a login is required.

Technical Specs

Applicaton Dictionary Changes

A new field should be added to the Grid Configuration at System Level window. It will be used to specify whether the transactional filters should be applied or not.

Infrastructure Changes

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