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Document Management – Functional Specifications

Functional Scope

Main management processes which will be built are:

Now we will explain in detail each of this processes.

Contract Repository

Document Management

In order to be able to display Accept Terms & Conditions text during following workflows, we need to have a repository of documents where the text for each product is stored. Moreover each document will be able to have different versions in case this text needs to be modified or updated.

Functional GAP Description

To cover all workflow’s functionality new Windows, forms and processes will have to be built at OB@OB.

System Set up

New functionalities to develop

A new template and module will be created to include new functionalities. This module will be translated to Spanish. Spanish translations can be found in definition in brackets.

Document Management

New Document Management window

We will create a new window called “Document Management”. A new Menu item to access to this window will be created and placed in Master Data Management folder.

Header tab

This new window will have a header tab that will include following fields:

Field Type Relation Mandatory Description
Documento No. (Id.) Numeric yes yes It will be an automatic generated sequence
Name String yes yes User will assign a name to the document
Parent Document Selector yes yes It will be a selector of Documents (Table reference to this same table
Document Type List yes yes Reference to a list with following values:(Professional Subscription Partnership)
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Lines tab

A document may need to have changes and adjustments. For this purpose, we will be able to create different versions for a single document.

Field Type Relation Mandatory Description
Valid From Date Date yes yes nformative start date
Valid To Date Date yes yes Informative end date
Document Status List yes yes Reference to a list including following values:(Draft, Active, Obsolete) Default value will be “Draft”
Text Text box (2000) yes no User will paste plain text for the document version.
URL URL yes no User will register the URL corresponding to the section in the Partner Portal were this document is publish.

Maintenance of active Version: Only one version of the same document will be able to be active. So, we will need a trigger in this table, that, when inserting a new version or updating the status of an existing one, will check if there’s any other version for this document which is Active. In that case, we will display a text such as: “Only one version for this document can be active. Currently the active version is: Release.” (“Sólo una version del documento puede estar activo. Actualmente la version activa es: Release”).

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Changes in Product window

We will add new created “Document” entity to the products.

Header tab

We will creat a new field as follows:

Field Type Relation Mandatory Description
Document Tabledir yes no It will be a reference to new Document table with no validation

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