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Projects:Editable Payment Plan/User Manual

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Payment Monitor

Payment montitor has been modified, so some fields are new, and one has been re-labeled:


Editable Payment Plan

Once the invoice is processed, the payment plan is created automatically, according to the payment terms defined in the invoice header. Also the archived payment plan is created, with same information than the actual one. Payment Plan and Archived Payment Plan tabs show both plans.

In case there exists any outstanding amount for the invoice, there exists the possibility to create a new version of the payment plan, pressing the button "Modify Payment Plan".


If the button is pressed, a grid shows all the non fully paid lines of the actual payment plan (if the invoice was fully paid, the button is not even shown). In this grid, user is able to reset the amounts and due dates of the current payment plan lines. Even new lines can be created, and existing ones deleted.


Once the new values are set by the user, there exists two options:

There exists two restrictions that new payment plan must met:

Both restrictions are checked every time a cell is edited, and submit buttons are not available unless all the amounts are correct:


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