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There are certain business scenarios which require to use a conversion rate because the document currency is not the same as the organization's general ledger currency.

There is currently a limitation in Openbravo that foreign currency documents can be entered and posted only using the central conversion rates defined at a system level.

However, there are certain business scenarios where an user of Openbravo may wish (or need) to use a different exchange rate (without changing the central conversion rate). Business scenarios include (but are not limited to):

This project support entering exchange rates at purchase invoices, sales invoice and other documents.
The exchange rate which is going to be shown first at document level will be the central one defined at a system level, however the end-user will be able to override it whenever he/she needs to do so.
When processing/accounting that document, the system will look first for the corresponding exchange rate at document level and in case there is no exchange rate, it will look for the exchange rate at set up at system level.

This feature is delivered as part of the Openbravo 3 Core.


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