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This document describes how to install and configure "Exchange Rate at Document Level" feature.

"Exchange Rate at Document Level" feature is an Openbravo 3.0 Core feature which is delivered in Openbravo 3.0 MP2.

There are certain business scenarios which require to use a conversion rate because the document currency is not the same as the organization's general ledger currency.

This project support entering exchange rates at purchase invoices, sales invoice and other documents, because it is not enough to use central conversion rates defined at a system level.

The exchange rate which is going to be used first while posting a document in a different currency than the organization's general ledger currency is the central one defined at a system level, now the end-user will be able to enter a new one at document level, whenever he/she needs to do so. End-user will be able to enter either an exchange rate, so the system calculates the "foreign amount" or the "foreign amount", for the system to calculate the "exchange rate".

When processing/accounting that document, the system will look first for the corresponding exchange rate at document level and in case there is no exchange rate, it will look for the exchange rate at set up at system level.

Installing Exchange Rate at Document Level

There are no specific installation instruction but just to upgrade your Openbravo 3.0 instance to Openbravo 3.0 MP2.

Deploying feature specific dataset

There are no specific datasets to be applied.

Exchange Rate at Document level configuration

There is no specific setup required in order to make this feature work.

"Central conversion rates" can be defined at the application path:
"General Setup//Application//Conversion rates"


Above one will be the one the system is going to use while posting transactions in another currency than the organization's general ledger currency unless a specific conversion rate is specified by the end user in the exchange rate tab of the following document types/windows:

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