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Projects:Expired Points BURN Rule/User Guide



What is a loyalty rule?

In loyalty programs:

This module provides a new BURN rule. This rule can be configured to determine the expiration date for existing available points. When run, this rule burns all points older than the expiration date. Those points will no longer be available for the subscriber as will be considered expired.

Negative points are not being considered

When burned, those points generate no output, those just expire.

Where can the rule be found?

Loyalty rules are defined in the BackOffice inside EARN Rule Type, BURN Rule Type and category Rule Type windows. These are source data windows and those are just available when logged as system administrator

As Expired Points is an BURN Rule, this one will be registered under BURN Rule Type window.

Expired Points Rule Type.png

How to configure the rule

Loyalty Program window

BURN rules are configured inside Loyalty Program and BURN Run windows. BURN rules are always defined for loyalty Programs, then those definitions can later be used in BURN Run window to prepare massive burning processes.

To configure this rule you should create a new register under the desired loyalty program, and provide the required configuration.

Expired Points Loyalty Program.png

Rule Type

There are two different types available when configuring the rule:

File:Expired Points Fix Date.png

File:Expired Points Number Of Days.png

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