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Projects:Export Store Data Task


As part of the store server project, there is a need to export the data relative to individual stores (organizations).

In this project an ant task will be created to export the store data. This task will be called and will be similar to ImportSampleData, in the sense that it exports data based on a dataset definition into XML files.

Tracking issue to make ExportSampleData extensible:

Code repository:


The new task should:

As part of this project some work may be done in the import process to make it faster, as the data being imported will potentially be much bigger than our usual sample data.

Extending the ExportSampleData task

The ExportStoreTask has many things in common with the ExportSampleData task, it was decided that the best course of action would be to extend it.

The ExportSampleData was not designed having extensibility in mind, so a few changes need to be done to allow extending it to the extent the new task requires:

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