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Import Process

Export Process

High Level Class Overview by Package


This package only contains the SynchronizableBusinessObject class. This class acts as a bridge between the representation of an instance in the external system and a BaseOBObject in Openbravo.

The main attribute of this class is its properties map, that contains a list of property name - property value pairs.

The connector applies the defined property mappings to create a SynchronizableBusinessObject from a BaseOBObject (this is done in the PropertyMapper.createSynchronizableBusinessObject method) and to create/update a BaseOBObject given a SynchronizationBusinessObject (done in the PropertyMapper.createSynchronizableBusinessObject method).


QueryBaseOBObject?? To be completed by CAR


This package contains two manual datasources, both of them will be used in subtabs of the Entity Mapping window:

Connector cd datasource.png


The base connector module uses the external data integration module to split the data to be imported/exported in batches and to process it asynchronously, and also to manage errors.


In the export process, the EDL request line data contains the ids of the records to be exported. That makes very simple the implementation of the EDL classes, having to deal with simple strings and lists of strings.

The following EDL classes have been implemented to manage the export of records:

Connector cd edl export.png


The following EDL classes have been implemented to manage the import of records. They all reference the OBEI_ImportData EDL Data type. This data type can be used when the data to be imported is formatted as JSON:

Connector cd edl import.png


Connector cd exporter.png


This package contains implementations of EntityPersistenceEventObservers.

Connector cd handlers.png


This package contains the SynchronizableBusinessObjectImporter class, which is the main responsible of importing records from an external system to Openbravo. It also contains some hooks that can be extended to customize the import process

Connector cd importer.png


This package contains all the classes that have a role in building the mappings between an entity in the external system and an entity in Openbravo.

Connector cd mapping common.png

The following classes manage the application of mappings. The classes that extend PropertyMapping are not including in this diagram, they will be described in another diagram later in this section.

Connector cd mapping simplified.png

The following diagram describe the classes used to define PropertyMappings:

Connector cd property mapping.png


Connector cd process simplified.png

The following classes help in the definition of HqlQueryBuilders:

Connector cd query builder.png

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