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Projects:External data loading process/Functional Specifications



This project is going to be able to import/export data from external platform to Openbravo platform. Understanding as external platform, an SFTP server, Web Service, FTP server, files in different server than Openbravo, etc.


Extend core functionality to be able to import/export data in Openbravo platform with new multi thread possibility. At the same time it will be released a module which one will be able to communicate with an external source and insert the data to be managed by core infrastructure.


Modify core to import/export huge amount of data in an efficient way to Openbravo ERP managing and historic table and also being able to manage the importing errors.

This project also includes a generic module to retrieve information from external source and insert in the Core platform. The module will contain a demonstration of one case giving a functional example. At the same time it will include a tab in Client window to allow the users different types of sources by importing method.


Design Considerations




All the development must be done on top of core PR15Q1.2.


Functional Requirements

Business process definition

Define a background process to do a request to an external source, in that way it will be possible to schedule different timing for different processes.

At client level it will be necessary to define a configuration for each background processes, what is going to be the way to obtain the data for what process. This configuration will be done in window "Client" and it can be different for all clients and background processes.

User stories

Functional requirements based on business processes

Core changes document
Id Requirement Importance
1 Add the ability to insert data in multi thread engine Must have
2 Add the ability to Import different type of data. Must have
3 Add ability to manage errors during importing process Must have

Alfresco integration module document
Id Requirement Importance
1 Implement a generic communication platform with different sources Must have
2 Include a functional demonstration with specific source Must have
3 Add the possibility to configure different background processes with different frequencies Must have
4 Give the option to configure different sources for different clients in one instance Must have

Technical Requirements

Non-Functional Requirements

Open Discussion Items

Closed Discussion Items

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