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Projects:Financial Flow Review/Functional Specification


Financial flow review - Functional Specifications


At present, Financial work flow in Openbravo ERP requires to fulfill too many documents and sometimes there are two many steps to perform a common action.


This project wants to create a window in which you can run most of the actions normally performed for financial purposes. This means:

  1. Design a user friendly window, add the capability to select multiple payments and run processes that automatically fulfill the necessary documents to perform any of the most common actions in financial management.
  2. Ensure that the output you get is consistent. This means allowing the user to run just the processes that make sense taking into account the payments selection.


The following actions have to be performed from this window:

Design Considerations


This project is related to, the new window definition created by WAD. There is a project that wants to increase the number of window formats that can be configured in the application dictionary. This window will be used as a model for this new window formats.

Functional Requirements

Business process definition


  1. Create two sales invoice in dollars for business partner A
  2. Create a sales invoice in euros for business partner B


  1. Join both payments of BP A
  2. Collect both payments of BP B (just a part of this amount) and A (the one joined) in bank BBVA (bank in euros).

User stories

Here we have a little example of a user story:

Jordi, the sales manager of a Spanish company, wants to perform several tasks related to payments just to meet the needs explained before (transactions 1 and 2). Using new financial window he will be able to join payments and afterwards collect them in bank in two steps from the same window. Documents needed will automatically be fulfilled by the system, so that user saves many steps in current application flow.

First he will be able to filter payments just to select both payments of BP A, and with a single click he will be able to join them. After that he will be able to select both payments of BP A and B and again with a single click he will be able to collect them in ban BBVA.

Functional requirements based on business processes

To achieve the desired functionalities the following elements need to be added.


In WAD add a new model of window that allows user to define a one single tab window with several filters, a multiple selector, and a section where several tasks can be launched


In filter section of the window, add this elements to be able to select payments:

Num Requirement Importance Status
1.1 Organization Must have Not Started
1.2 From date Must have Not Started
1.3 To date Must have Not Started
1.4 Payment rule Must have Not Started
1.5 Amount from Must have Not Started
1.6 Amount to Must have Not Started
1.7 Invoice No. Must have Not Started
1.8 Receipt type (collection, payment, both) Must have Not Started
1.9 Status Must have Not Started
1.10 Account (bank account) Must have Not Started
1.11 Cashbook Must have Not Started
1.12 Only Applied Must have Not Started
1.13 Hide previous selected. Allows user to do several searches and keep in a variable the previous selected payments to be able to send all to the process. Must have Not Started
1.14 Remittance Must have Not Started
1.15 Business partner multiple selector Must have Not Started

All of this filters should have a button on top that will allow user to hide the filters once the search have been done. This way user will have more space to see payments in selection area.

Payment info

In the payment selection area this info is required to be shown:

Num Requirement Importance Status
2.1 Payment description ( payment identifier). Must have Not Started
2.2 Invoice info (when it exists). Must have Not Started
2.3 Bank account. Must have Not Started
2.4 Due date. Must have Not Started
2.5 Organization. Must have Not Started
2.6 Currency. Must have Not Started
2.7 Amount. Must have Not Started
2.8 Conversion Must have Not Started
2.9 Proposal date Must have Not Started
2.10 Cost Must have Not Started

User Interface Mockups

Financial flow window:
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Technical Requirements

All type of files involved in Model - View - Controller (MVC) stucture (*.html, *.xml, *.java and *.xsql files) will be created.

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