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Overview & Justification


The purpose of this document is to describe the Functional Specifications of Financial Invoice Lines in core enhancement.

Currently Openbravo allows any sales and purchase invoice posting through product. We have to configure goods in product configuration. Some company/customer don't want treat their assets as a product.They don't want posting to be happened in product account. They want directly posting in the asset account which is configured in general ledger. It is not only useful for assets. It is also useful for any posting directly on general ledger in sales and purchase invoices.

Scope and Overview

In Scope:

The Financial Invoice Lines is going to cover the following main areas:

Out of Scope:

It is not dealing any label changes or definition. It should be belong to template for specific customer. For example one of the customer wants to have Purpose instead of Description when we choose general ledger item in invoice line screen. It can be dealt in their specific templates , not through this enhancement.


1. G/L Item Accounting Setup:

Enable in Financial Invoices - This new flag must be set to "Yes" which means that only those G/L items marked as "Enable in Financial Invoices" will be shown to be selected by the end-user while booking a Financial Invoice in the Invoice Line window. Besides and in case the end-user selects this new flag the fields "Tax" and "Withholding" will be automatically removed from the G/L window and only "Tax Category" new field will be shown there as described in the next sentence. It is important to remark that a new field needs to be created for the G/L item which is the Tax Category, therefore it can be later on used to get the appropriate Tax for each Invoice Line.

2.Changes in the Invoice Line:

We don't have any modification on header screens of purchase or sales invoices. We will have a flag in Lines screen that should be useful whether business user choosing product based or general ledger based posting in given line. We will also have mixed entries. one can be product and the other one can be general ledger item in the same invoice line.

For example say if financial invoice line is yes, he can choose appropriate general ledger item from account/gl item id combo box. if financial invoice line is no, it will be usual steps what we have before.


Some of the customers want to posting some of the expenses or revenue directly on general ledger item, but not through products in purchase or sales invoices. For example, one of the customer wants booking of additions and disposal of assets directly posting to assets account rather they don't want treat their assets as product and they don't want to configure assets in to product account. So this case we have to allow our invoice lines to accept general ledger item directly instead of product. If user choose general ledger item, we have to directly posting into chosen general ledger item and ignore product account. The same scenario will be fit enough for "Tax not deductible organization" where we will treat VAT as a expenses of general ledger item instead of product expenses account. It is same across globe. So we can for core enhancement rather specific module.

New definitions and acronyms

It is a new flag in gl item configuration to indicate the configured gl items will be shown in the purchase or sales invoice lines to book an account(alternate to product)

It is a new flag to distinguish between G/L item and product lines.

It is general ledger item id. It should be configured at...It can be appeared in purchase or sales invoice lines for financial invoice line options.

Functional Requirements

Invoices Booking

Besides, it is important to highlight that:

Below Invoice Booking data must be entered while booking an Asset Invoice:

Every time an asset invoice needs to be booked a G/L item must be created previously and as soon as the asset account is known at the application path Financial Management || Accounting || Setup || G/L Item || G/L Item, with below information:

Gl item.png


For booking an invoice the end-user must navigate to : Procurement Management || Transactions || Purchase Invoice || Header
Once there below information should be entered:

Then end-user must navigate to : Procurement Management || Transactions || Purchase Invoice || Lines
Once there and for getting the above implemented in the system below new fields/ and tab must be created at Invoice line level:

Besides end-user must also filled-in below information:

Invoice Lines 1 final.png

Once the Invoice is completed and posted below posting must be shown:

100.000,00 Asset Account (0730010) DEBIT[Note: Debit and credit account are configured in the path of Financial Management || Accounting || Setup || G/L Item || G/L Item >> Accounting]
19.000,00 VAT deductible (2600000) DEBIT
119.000,00 Vendor Liabilities(4400000) CREDIT

Tax As Expenses

VAT will be posted as an expenses in case of Not Tax Deductible Organization. If it is a product, it is a product expenses account. In our case it will take the account from general ledger accounting configuration. So VAT deductible entry will be differ for Not Tax Deductible organization, however there is no changes in the tax deductible organization.

Freight / other Asset Cost

In case of freight cost or any other additional cost an additional invoice or an additional invoice line must be entered. The end-user must filled in below information:

Besides end-user must also filled-in below information:

Once the Invoice is completed and posted below posting must be shown:

500,00 Asset Account (0730010) DEBIT
95,00 VAT deductible (2600000) DEBIT
595,00 Vendor Liabilities (4400000) CREDIT

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