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Projects:Freight Management/Technical Specification



In this document are described all the developments needed to properly implement the Freight Management module.

Module Definition

New Windows


Main window where carriers and their fares are configured. Window structure has 3 tabs in three levels:

OBMFM_Carrier table. Carrier definition.
OBMFM_Freight table. Freight main definition.
OBMFM_Freight_Definition table. Each fare of the freight definition.

Freight Category

Window where freight are configured. Single tab:

OBMFM_Freight_Category table.

Delivery Period

Window where delivery periods are configured. Single tab:

OBMFM_Delivery_Period table.

Modified Windows


Added new field Fixed Cost Product to define the product to be used when inserting Fixed Cost lines in Sales Orders. Used when Sales Order's selected freight definition does not have a delivery period with a Fixed Cost Product.

Sales Order

Goods Shipment

New fields Freight, Delivery Charges and Delivery Notes filled by the Create Inout procedure. This information is copied when the shipment is from a unique Sales Order.

UOM Type

Core development based on Feature Request 20203. New field added to Unit of Measure window to define the UOM Type. Available values are:

Core shipped base UOMs are updated to set the new types. Client's Information tab UOM fields are filtered based on this type.

New field is added to Product to set the Weight UOM when a weight is defined.

New Processes

Create new Freight (Price List)

Button in Carrier window that generates a new Freight based on an existing one with the ability to set a coefficient to modify the amounts.

Select Freight

Button in Sales Order window to select the desired Freight. This is a P&E window showing all available Freights that meet the conditions of the Sales Order: Delivery Location, Delivery Period, Delivery Charge type,... The cheapest option is selected by default.

The grid shows all freight definitions matching the conditions of the Sales Order. If they are not correctly configured they still appear in the grid. In these cases a warning is shown with the issue and user is not allowed to select them. There is an implicit filter by the Delivery Period in case the Order has one defined. This filter is hard-coded and cannot be modified by a template.

When a Freight is selected the Freight and Delivery Period of the header is filled. Depending on the Delivery Charges a new Order Line is created with the Is freight amount line flag checked and the selected Freight Definition. This new line uses the Product defined in the selected Carrier or the corresponding Fixed Cost Product in case Fixed Cost Delivery Charge is selected. The Freight Amount is inserted as a net or gross amount depending on the Sales Order's Price List's Is Tax Included flag.

Update Total Weight

Although it is automatically calculated by an Event Handler it is possible to modify the total weight manually by a button in the Sales Order window.

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