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In order to fight VAT fraud associated with the use of systems that enable cash receipts to be concealed, the french finance law for 2016 established the obligation, for all VAT-liable professional taxpayers who deliver goods and services to individual customers and record the corresponding payments received by means of a cash register system, to use a secure cash register system.

This system must thus be certified by an independent body accredited by COFRAC. Moreover and in the context of the finance law for 2016, product certification by an accredited body is obligatory for VAT-liable taxpayers who edit their own cash register system. That is the case of Openbravo.

As a consequence of the above, Openbravo selected the LNE, that is the French “Laboratoire National de Métrologie et D’essais", as the independent body accredited in France to certify its Retail solution.

Openbravo Certificate

The openbravo certificate can be download from the LNE web LNE Certificates search engine, by entering in the field "Certificate holder" Openbravo.

In the certificate it is explained what is the major version of the French Fiscal module to install, depending on the client version.

Certification scope

LNE standard describes the procedures for the certification of cash register systems. Current vesion of LNE standard is version 1.6, dated on June 2021
They are essentially based on article 88 of finance law No. 2015-1785 of 29 December 2015 for 2016 and the official bulletin for public finance BOI-TVA-DECLA-30-10-30-20180704, which defines the conditions of inalterability, security, conservation and archiving of transaction data that the system must satisfy.

In summary:

LNE standard aims to certify these four characteristics, the characterisation of the fiscal scope of the system, the version of the system, the documentation relating to the system and the organisation CMS (Compliant Management System) implemented to ensure the production and delivery of cash register systems that comply with the certified version.

All the functionality related to above described regulation and LNE standard is delivered as an Openbravo extension module named "French Fiscal". This module needs to be installed in any retail company operating in France.

The source code of “French Fiscal" module is the code certified by the LNE, and therefore represents the fiscal scope of Openbravo cash register system.


The cash register system’s documentation must describe all of the functions and mechanisms implemented under the certification that mean it meets all the technical requirements set out in LNE standard chapter IV.

Part of this documentation is also created to describe the proper operation of cash register systems in France.

This wiki page is the framework where the organisation of this documentation is described, and the way Openbravo conserves its documentation on electronic form.

Openbravo committs to keep the regulatory documents until the end of the third year following the year in which the software or cash system ceases to be released.

Finally, Openbravo provides the document attached below, as the main document describing the organisation of each documentation, and listing all relevant documents, paragraphs and page numbers for each technical requirement.

French Certification Master Document version 1.0

Regulatory documents in French

File:Conception générale v3.0.pdf

File:Spécifications fonctionnelles v6.0.pdf

File:Spécifications techniques v7.0.pdf

File:Maintenance v5.0.pdf

File:Dossier d'organisation v1.0.pdf

File:Manuel d'exploitation v5.0.pdf

File:Manual d'utilisation v8.0.pdf

File:Guide de l'administration fiscale v6.0.pdf

Regulatory documents in English

File:OB General Design File v3.0.pdf

File:OB Functional Specification File v6.0.pdf

File:OB Technical Specification File v7.0 .pdf

File:OB Maintenance File v5.0.pdf

File:Organisational File v1.0.pdf

File:OB Operational File v5.0.pdf

File:OB User Guide v9.0.pdf

File:OB Tax Authority Guide v6.0.pdf

Additional documentation in English

File:French Certification User Guide v2.0.pdf

File:Openbravo Web POS User Guide v2.0.pdf

File:Manuel d'utilisation Openbravo Web POS v2.0.pdf

File:French Fiscal module Test Plan v4.0.pdf

Openbravo Compliance Management System

This Openbravo wiki page is intended to be the centralized source of information about the Openbravo Compliance Management System, designed according to Chapter III of the LNE standard version 1.6.

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